Creative Capacity Grant | Alternate Year Applicant Resources

FAQs for the Alternate Year Application -  For Guidelines Click Here

  How long will it be from me creating an account to me receiving access to the alternate application?                               

From when you create an organizational profile to when you receive access is 3-5 business days. We appreciate your patience with connecting you to the correct application for your alternate year in CCG and with engaging with a new grant system vendor that allows us to better serve your organization and Arizona as a whole.


  What do I need to complete as part of the alternate year application?                               

You need to complete three things:

  • Organization Overview - this is your basic information, including your 501(c)3 determination letter or, as applicable, your Fiscal Sponsor Agreement.
  • Short Narrative Response - this is a short 350 word maximum question, that can be found in the guidelines
  • Financial Documentation - this is where you share the adjusted annual revenue for your organization and upload your DataArts funder report. As an optional narrative question, we have provided you a small text box to share any context you feel is needed when the Funder Report is reviewed by staff.

  How do I access the alternate year application?             

Review the video below, which covers different aspects in chapters:


   How do I start working on my DataArts Funder Report?                               

From the DataArts website resources:   


Search for the Status of Your Organization's Alternate Application

(alphabetical order by organization in ACA system, which includes those with "The" existing under "T", if you cannot find your organization)

Please note: If you have had the status "Application Will Be Assigned Soon" , and it has been 3-5 business days from when you created your account, please check to see if you have received an email from a staff member. 

If you have the status "Application Should Be Visible in Org Profile", you should have received an email stating you can now access the alternate year application. You can also find it when you sign in directly into your account, when you change over to the Organization profile. Also make sure you have only one account only for your organization.  you cannot find your notification email, please check your spam folder. The sender is "Arizona Commission on the Arts" with the email address "". Make sure to add that email to your contacts, so that you don't miss another email.